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Marie Pier Cham, Psychoeducator

Jaune Orange

Services for children

Jaune-Orange builds “Happy parenting”! The happier the parents, the more confident the children.

Our mission is to give back power to parents and balance to families. By building the relationship of being, we find shared pleasure and above all reassuring reference points. Jaune-Orange’s services will lead you to have a different vision of your child, of the situation and of the solutions. Open-mindedness, creativity and above all respect for differences and the needs of each person, create a capacity for action rather than reaction.

Our values ​​of kindness, respect and fun guide us in helping you to welcome and meet the needs of your child rather than reacting to their behavior.We know that there are as many unique families as there are needs. Jaune-Orange adapts its services as well as its approaches and brings together the actors who evolve around families to support change. When everyone is rowing in the same direction, despite the current, things move forward!